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We offer a variety of Intramuscular Injections to boost your energy, immunity, and overall health. Injections are a quick and affordable way to experience the amazing health benefits that can come from receiving nutrients through an injection or an infusion delivering them directly into your bloodstream for 100% absorption. Injections can be given weekly. 

10 injections-$90

4 injections-$45



Methylcobalamin 5mg

Boosts energy levels. Helps memory, mood, the nervous system, iron levels, heart health, hair, nails, skin, and much more.

Weightloss Shot

Pyridoxine(B6): 2mg, Methionine 12.4mg, Inositol 25mg, Choline 25mg, Cyanocobalamin(B12) 1mg, Carnitine 125mg, Thiamine(B1) 50mg, Riboflavin(B2) 5mg.

Fat burning+Energy+Appetite Suppressant


15-30 mg

A strong NSAID that reduces inflammation and relieves pain. Effects are felt quickly and can last for several days


Hair skin and nails 

Biotin 10mg

B-vitamin promoting hair, skin, and nail health, nerve function, and metabolism 

B-complex Shot 

B1: 100mg, B2: 2mg, B3: 100mg, B5: 2mg, B6: 2mg

Together the B complex vitamins help with metabolizing foods to extract energy from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, boosting function of the immune system, providing antioxidant support, and promoting DNA repair and cellular signaling.  In addition, they have a role in managing cholesterol and growing healthy blood cells, skin, and hair.

Vitamin D shot


Essential vitamin for immunity, hormone regulation, and mood support (can only be given every 2 weeks)

Tri-immune Boost 

Ascorbic Acid 200mg, Glutathione 200mg, Zinc Sulfate 2.5mg 

Combination of Ascorbic Acid, Glutathione, and Zinc for immune support and function

Image by Diana Polekhina
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