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What is IV Infusion nutritional therapy?

IV nutritional therapy is a low-risk procedure of administering vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This is effective because the procedure bypasses the GI tract, delivering vitamins and nutrients with a 100% absorption rate. Administered by a registered nurse, the effects are felt immediately and can be felt up to one week after infusion. Our Medical Director is part of our staff.


Does getting an IV infusion hurt?

Our staff has literally 100’s of IV start experiences under their belts. Everyone has their threshold, and we do our best to make each experience as comfortable as possible. We may also apply a topical numbing cream for added comfort.

Who can benefit from IV infusions and Injections?

Anyone and everyone! Most Americans are deficient in many vitamins and nutrients, and most people are on the dehydrated side. Because let’s face it, it’s hard to drink enough water and consume a perfectly balanced diet. Treatments are great for combating fatigue, pain, hangovers, minor colds & flu or athletic preparation/recovery, getting an IV nutritional infusion is proactive health.

Should I consult with my doctor?

Our treatments are elective, so it’s not a requirement to have a doctor order note prior to treatment, unless you are pregnant in which case we do require clearance from your provider. We also don’t offer medical advice. That being said, you are welcome to consult with your primary care provider or with our medical director if you have any questions.


Is IV infusion therapy legal for athletes?

While many clients are athletes, if you are sponsored or have concerns we advise that you check with your coach, sponsor or governing body before treatment.

Can anyone get an IV infusion or booster?

While the majority of our clients are eligible, Liquid Life reserves the right to withhold treatment if we feel it would not be in the best interest of the client.


Do you infuse at events / parties?

Please give us a couple of weeks lead time and we can accommodate!! We offer discounts when you book a party with at least 8 or more people in attendance. We would love to attend your birthday, bachelorette, bachelor, or girls night out parties!!


I’m pregnant can I get an IV?

Yes! We do require that you receive written medical clearance from your OBGYN before we administer any treatment. IV infusions can have many health benefits while pregnant! 

Can a child get an IV?

Our minimum age is 18 for any of our services.

Do you accept insurance or bill insurance?

As this is an elective service, we DO NOT accept insurance, bill insurance nor deal with insurances in any way. However, we do accept HSA cards!

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